Scheme→C hacking


I'm one of the maintainers/developers of the the Scheme→C compiler. It's a fast, although arcane at times, R4RS compiler/interpreter. I'm slowly working on getting it to be R5RS compliant, along with syntax-{rules,case}; so that we can get access to SRFIs.

Now with matlab bindings and a much-improved C FFI.
Bindings exist for a lot of other packages if you're interested, like subsets of opencv, imagemagick, gsl, vlfeat, swi prolog, etc.

Live Gentoo ebuilds for the compiler are in the Sunrise overlay! Just install dev-lang/scheme2c; for discussion see bug #233197. At some point I'll add ebuilds for QobiScheme as well.

If you use emacs a lot, here are some keybindings for the Scheme→C debugger that make life easier.

Scheme→C now has support for GMP bignums and rationals, pthreads, Boehm GC, a more standards-compliant reader for numbers, slib loads once more, and many other improvements.