Chicken on the N900

To get started either get the code from the repository, build & install the eggs with chicken-install (you'll need: QTDIR=/opt/qt4-maemo5/ chicken-install for the qt egg), or just add the deb repositories and apt-get chicken-qt. Note that I only have binary deb repositories for maemo armel, not x86. There are a number of examples in the repository named testN as well as examples in the qt/ directory. You should probably also run qt/tests.scm just to make sure everything is fine. As soon as I figure out how you document eggs I'll put up some docs as well.

The repository contains chicken scheme packaged for the N900, dbus & qt eggs, and their dependencies. The dbus egg is ported from chicken/3. The qt egg has undergone some large changes including:

If you're deploying this to your device or your armel simulator you can add my optified repository or the non-optified version version using these links, and then apt-get install chicken-qt.

Note that if you're having trouble when hosting .install files on your website you'll need to put the following incantation in your .htaccess file for the .install files to have the correct mime type: AddType application/x-install-instructions install

Debianizing and deploying an egg that's not in the binary apt repository:

The debianize-egg contains two useful scripts debianize-egg and fetch-and-build-egg, you should make sure that it's symmlinked to ~/debianize-egg as paths are hardcoded for now.

Note that neither of these will optify the resulting package, you'll need to do that on your own otherwise you'll run out of rootfs space, and no one will want to install your egg.
Let me know when you find other eggs that are useful and work.