New eggs & networking

I recently added a whole bunch of new eggs: check-errors, doctype, easyffi, eggdoc, filepath, fmt, foreigners, html-parser, htmlprag, input-parse, iset, json, matchable, message-digest, miscmacros, numbers, packrat, protobj, rss, setup-helper, sha2, silex, sql-null, sqlite3, ssax, sxml-transforms, sxpath, synch, test, utf8 and yelp. These are all unmodified and just running the debianize-egg script on them suffices so I didn’t need to import them into my code repository. Adding in this optified repository on your n900 and doing an apt-get chicken-eggname will fetch the egg and its dependencies. Hopefully all eggs will be available soon once I finish the autobuilder script.

chicken-qt got networking support recently, nothing fancy just HTTP Get for now. On the upside it integrates well with Qt so it’s asynchronous by connecting to something like the done() signal. Check out tests.scm for an example.

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