240 eggs for the n900

My laptop has been keeping my room nice and toasty for the past few hours and now 240 chicken eggs are available from the repository! That’s out of my list of 290 eggs. A caveat, these are all entirely unmodified with dependencies automatically migrated into the deb. This means that the eggs depend on each other correctly but eggs can’t record dependencies on external packages; so you can install an egg and not have the appropriate deb package from the standard repositories. I don’t particularly want to go through 240 eggs and record this, so we’ll have to live with this situation for now. It shouldn’t affect many packages anyway.

In the process I’ve built the most inefficient package manager that I could, it finds the fixpoint of a function which filters out working packages from a list. Oh well, at least it’s short.

OpenGL is one of the reasons why many of the packages fail to build. Unfortunately the n900 only provides OpenGL ES which eliminates a lot of the fixed pipeline and changes almost entirely to a programmable one. That means a lot of the old OpenGL API was removed. Until someone comes out with an OpenGL layer for the n900 this this won’t be available.

srfi-19 doesn’t build, which knocks out most of the remaining packages. setup-api looks in the wrong place for the srfi-29 bundles, I’ll have to look into it at some point.

You can find a list of all the eggs and their statuses here.

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  1. sjf says:

    That’s a lot of eggs…

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